Motor Comprehensive

Covers own-damage, Total Loss, Third party Property damage, Theft and Fire

Motor Third Party

The minimum requirement by law (the Motor Vehicles Third Party Insurance Act of 1958) is to provide insurance in respect of legal liability to pay damages unlimited in amount for death or bodily injury caused to any person, arising out of the use of a motor vehicle.

Fire and Allied Perils

Our Standard Fire Policy covers Loss or damage to your property caused by Fire, Lightning and Explosion. Read more... This is a wide cover that offers the insured indemnity for loss resulting from the occurrence of Fire and may be taken to cover both buildings and their contents.


This policy indemnifies the insured against loss resulting from burglary. It also covers damage as a result of theft through forcible and violent entry into, or exit from the premises.


Unique Travel insurance is a product of the Unique brand designed to cater for the needs of travelers:
Medical expenses arising from an illness / bodily injury.
Hospitalization costs and Repatriation to Ghana after treatment
Repatriation of policyholder’s corpse or ashes to Ghana.
Baggage loss/delay

Marine Hull

This policy covers the ocean moving vessels against perils of the sea.

Marine Cargo

Our marine policies are for insuring your cargo against all types of losses that may occur; this ensures that your imports and exports are safe. This policy may also be taken to cover air cargo and other types of freight.

Workmen Compensation

The Unique WC policy will provide the funds to pay damages to an injured employee or the representative of a fatally injured employee when the Company is legally liable.

Goods In Transit

The Goods-In-Transit policy would indemnify the insured against the accidental loss of (or damage to) goods/stock while being loaded onto, carried or unloaded; and during transit by road resulting from fire or accident to the carrying vehicle or theft in connection with violence against an employee or carrier.

Assets All Risk

This is a policy designed to protect the asset base of an organization. It offers protection for your building(s) against fire, the impact of flood, earthquake, windstorm, burst pipe, aircraft (or articles dropped therefrom), riot, strike, civil commotion and malicious damage. The contents of the building are also covered under this policy, against all these perils as well as Burglary.

Money Insurance

This policy covers money (which is expressed to include cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal and money orders) against accidental Loss, Damage or destruction from any cause including fire which is not specifically excluded whilst: -

1. In transit, being carried by the insured or his authorized representative or sent by registered post. This is referred to as cash-in-transit.

2. On the insured premises during business hours. This is referred to as hold-up

3. In a locked safe or strong room. This is referred to as cash-in-safe